September (4 weeks)

Sep 7 - Oct 4


October (4 weeks)

Oct 5 – Nov 1


November (4 weeks)

Nov 2 – Nov 29


December* (5 weeks) 

Nov 30 – Jan 3


January (4 weeks)

Jan 4 – 31

February (4 weeks)

Feb 1 – 28


March (5 weeks)

Mar 1 – Apr 4


April (4 weeks)

Apr 5 – May 2


May (4 weeks)

May 3 – 30


June (5 weeks)

May 31 – July 4



Prices are determined by

4 or 5 week sessions:

$310.00/4 week months

$375.00/5 week months


At Clip Clop, we love riders! And we ensure that every rider has a spot! Therefore, when a class is full, we create another class!

We will work with everyone to ensure the most convenient time and day is available to you. And! We ask you to let us know if you have a bendy, flexible schedule, so we can let our parents with less flexibility know that you are able to switch out of one spot into another to accommodate them.

It's how we do things at Clip Clop- working together to ride together!

2020 -21 Schedule
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As a parent of an athlete rider, it's important to have a basic understanding of your child's horse experience. The following sections have been created to explain to you what's entailed in each level.

To make it easy for you to follow - click on link below in the section that best describes your rider, and you will be taken directly to the section that applies to you.


This class is for those newcomers, newbies and the just-started-loving-horses group.

Come join this class if you have not haltered, caught, groomed, mounted/dismounted, and tacked up your own horse (even if you have ridden before) as these skills are vital in building a solid foundation in horsemanship.


This class is for horse lovers who have graduated through the LTR 1 skills of haltering, leading, catching, grooming, tacking up, mounting/dismounting, and riding without a LA at the walk and trot, but still require the assistance of a LA/Coach for learning to canter.


This level is for those riders who have successfully acquired and exhibit the skills of LTR 2, and in addition can catch and prepare their horse for the riding class without the assistance of an LA (Learning Assistant), and are confident at the walk, trot, and canter or are ready to canter unassisted.​


This level is for riders who can prepare the horse for the Riding Lesson, ride all three paces, un-tack, groom, and care for their horse unassisted and are ready to learn about lateral movements, ground work, and are advancing towards transitioning from Clip Clop horses in to leasing or purchasing a horse in order to commit to and learn the intermediate skills of horsemanship.

Good horsemanship is good horsemanship.

Western and English Riding


At Clip Clop, our goal is to expose our riders to both Western and English styles of riding to inspirit them with an admiration for both.

Selecting which style of riding to ride, at this level, is easy - try both!

The basics of riding fundamentals is almost identical with a few differences such as the terminology, outfit and equipment, so we encourage riders to try both!

As riders progress through the levels, most will develop an affinity for one style more than the other. And, for some riders, they remain doing both for their entire lives.

All riders regardless of their style of riding in LTR Levels ride together and can swap in and out at their discretion.


Hey Competitors!

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