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In order to ensure we are complying with C-19 gathering sizes, we have to manage Drop-Ins a bit differently this year. Please follow the easy instructions below:

We require a 48-hour notice for Drop-In Riding

and, a 24-hour notice for Drop-In Non Riding.

1. Register Online

2. Call 587-894-2567, leave message with child's name, date of drop in, and camp type: Riding/Non-Riding. 

3. We will notify you if we have exceeded maximum allowable campers. 

Thank you for working together.


9 am - 12 pm    |    1 pm - 4 pm

Week 1: June 29 - July 3

Week 2: July 6 - 10

Week 3: July 13 - 17

Week 4: July 20 - 24

Week 5: July 27 -  31

**Please Note:
Our goal is to fill every Clip Clop Camp week with horse-loving kids but, we may need to modify camp schedules based on enrollment numbers.

          RIDING CAMP

Age: 6 to 8

Age:  9 to 18

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Time: 9 am - 4 pm

Cost: $115/day

Clip Clop Drop-In Riding Camps are filled with fun and interesting horse-related activities. Clip Clop Riders are introduced to all things horses through crafts, interactive games and of course, riding lessons. Our excellent Camp Leaders teach campers about safety around horses and the stables; bonding with horse, the parts of the horse, grooming, tacking and basic horsemanship in both English and Western styles of riding (no previous experience required).

Horse time at camp is divided into two parts:

Horse Play – Riders learn horsemanship skills through theory and hands-on;  anatomy, nutrition, feeding, caring for horses, by engaging in fun activities and games.

Riding – Riders will prepare horses to ride, and ride, once per day, for approximately 2 hours. Riders will learn how to lead, brush and tack up their horses for the lesson. 

Learning Assistants

In addition to the Camp Leader, Learning Assistants are present to help all Clip Cloppers.

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Chase loving his riders.


Age: 6 to 8

Age: 9 to 18

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Time: 9 am - 4 pm

Cost: $95/day

Clip Clop Drop-In Non Riding Camps are filled with everything the horse lover dreams to learn about horses.

This program is unique in that it teaches valuable horsemanship skills while it fosters self-empowerment through bonding with horses on the ground, thereby, removing the anxiety some horse lovers experience while riding. It's wonderful for kids and teens. 

This hands-on-horses option teaches horse lovers how to be secure in their leadership with the horse resulting in increased self- esteem and confidence that is applied in all areas of life.

Our excellent Camp Leaders teach Clip Clop horsemanship through crafts, interactive games, and touching and handling horses, ponies, and miniature horses.


Horse time at camp is divided into two parts:

Horse Play –Clip Cloppers learn through theory and hands-on about anatomy, nutrition, feeding, caring, and management of horses through fun activities and games.

Handling Horses – Clip Cloppers will safely and with help, handle horses once per day, for approximately 2 hours, and will learn how to halter, brush, guide and create a leadership position with the horse through various horsemanship skills. 

Learning Assistants

In addition to the Camp Leader, Learning Assistants are present to help all Clip Cloppers.


Week Appaloosa: 

June 1-5

Week Arabian: 

June 8-12

Week Connemara:

 June 15-19

Week Friesan: 

June 22-26

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Week Hanoverian:

 June 29 - July 3

Week Lippizaner: 

July 6 - 10

Week Mini Horse:

 July 13 - 17

Week Mustang: 

July 20 - 24

Week Paint Horse: 

July 27 -  31


Week Qtr. Horse:  

August  4 - 7 (4 days)

Week Shetland Pony:

 August 10 - 14

Week Shire:

 August 17 - 21

Week Thoroughbred:

 August 24 - 28

Bonding is everything.


  • Be safe

  • Participate in daily riding/horse handling lessons

  • Learn horsemanship & leadership skills

  • Create fun horse crafts

  • Bond with horses 

  • Get dirty

  • Laugh

  • Increase body awareness

  • Celebrate  achievements

  • Make new friends (2 & 4-legged)

What to wear:

• Comfortable stretchy pants or riding pants.

• Shirt with sleeves (t-shirts are fine, but nothing sleeveless)

• Boot with 1” heel

• Riding Helmet (if you have, or we'll lend you one).


What to Bring:

• A change of clothes for when not riding (optional).

• Gloves (optional but suggested)

• A jacket in case it gets cool (no hoodies, scarves or anything loose and hanging.)

• Lunch (Full Day) Snacks (1/2 Day),

• Water Bottle

• Medication, if needed

• Carrots, apples, black licorice (for horses)

• Bug Spray

• Love, enthusiasm, and YOU!