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Horseback Riding Lessons

And, the first step is taken..

Every horse lover starts riding somewhere- let it be Clip Clop.

Parents of horse loving kids don't always know where to go or how to get started learning about, riding and loving horses. So, we created a fun & meaningful program that teaches kids how to bond with, care for and ride horses in a safe and professional environment through our Riding/Horsemanship Lessons and

Summer Horsemanship Camps.

We introduce newcomers to the sport of riding and provide for them a solid

foundation in horsemanship.

It's simple and affordable to get started!

Program Overview

Rider levels explained! Our program is designed to help your child develop a strong foundation in horsemanship through a step-by-step set of progressive skill sets. Each level builds on the previous one, allowing your child to advance at their own pace and gain confidence along the way.

Upon completion of this program our riders will have the necessary foundation required to participate confidently and safely in further horse-related opportunities elsewhere in the horse world.

Clip Clop is the perfect place to get started!

Program Overview


4 Levels & Skill Sets

At Clip Clop, we have 4 riding levels, each with sub-levels that correspond to different skill sets that we call the Passport to Excellence in Horsemanship.


These sliding skill sets mean riders perform skills at competency and comfort levels based on factors like their size, confidence, experience, and the horse they're riding.

Toyota and a Ferrari

Think of it like driving a car - the skill set is the same, but the demands on the skill set are very different between a Toyota Corolla and a Ferrari LaFerrari. It's the same in horsemanship. So, keep in mind that skill levels can vary depending on the rider and horse partnership.

Each level has specific skill sets that riders will learn. As your child progresses, we'll help guide them through the appropriate skill sets

& levels.

Rider Assessment

We want you to feel confident that you're getting the most out of your investment in our program, which is why we track each rider's progress through Success Trackers on the Skill Shark App.


These trackers measure the rider's success in specific skills, giving you a clear sense of their progress over time.


At the end of each session, we'll assess your child's progress and provide detailed metrics and comments on the Skill Shark App.


You'll receive an email alert when the Success Tracker is ready, so you can stay up-to-date on your child's progress, next steps and celebrate their achievements with them.

The Four Levels & Skill Sets of Clip Clop

Learn to Ride 1

3 Skill Sets

Learn to Ride 1-1

Learn to Ride 1-2

Learn to Ride 1-3

Learn to Ride 2

3 Skill Sets

Learn to Ride 2-1

Learn to Ride 2-2

Learn to Ride 2-3

Learn to Ride 3

2 Skill Sets

Learn to Ride 3-1

Learn to Ride 3-2

Growth Track

1 & 2

All skills are contained within each level and do not
have subsets.

Follow these 3 quick steps to register:

Step 1

Read the Registration Information

Step 2

Pick Your Rider's Level

Click here to learn about the levels and select the right one.

Step 3

Register & Pay on Go Motion

Western and English Riding


At Clip Clop, our goal is to expose our riders to both Western and English styles of riding to inspirit them with an admiration for both.

Selecting which style of riding to ride, at this level, is easy - try both!

The basics of riding fundamentals is almost identical with a few differences such as the terminology, outfit and equipment, so we encourage riders to try both!

As riders progress through the levels, most will develop an affinity for one style more than the other. And, for some riders, they remain doing both for their entire lives.

All riders regardless of their style of riding in LTR Levels ride together and can swap in and out at their discretion.


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