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Horsemanship and Humanship Learning

We need a horse. Then we need

trust, reliability and respect.

The sport of horseback riding is the only sport where the athlete relies on an animal to participate. This means that the rider and the horse must form a bond of trust, reliability and respect for one another.





For riding success to happen, the rider has to learn a lot about the horse and this is called 'horsemanship' training. At Clip Clop, we focus on building a solid foundation of horsemanship for the riders by teaching riders through each level of progressive skill sets. 


The rider will learn about the different characteristics of the horse, their needs and how to communicate with them. This learning happens both during riding and during off horse time. 


For leadership success to happen, the rider has to learn a lot about themselves and we call this 'humanship' training. The rider will also be encouraged and shown how to be aware of their own behaviors, thoughts and expectations and how they interplay with the horses and one another.

The more awareness and confidence a rider has in themselves, the more trust and confidence they will share with their horse and in their daily lives.

On the Horse 


Our Riding Program focuses on the teaching the rider all they need to know when riding and handling horses.

Off the Horse

Horse Play

Our Horse Play program focuses on teaching the rider all they need to know to love & care for a horse when they are not riding.

Safety Skills

Our entire program focuses on teaching safety to the rider in all of their interactions around horses and while at the stables.


Personal leadership is taught through out all of our interactions with the riders.

It's all about focus...

Learning about horses and riding.

Learning about ourselves.


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