Meet The Team

The Horses in our riding lessons are the core of our success. For every ten horses we interview, only one passes the test. These horses teach, encourage, support and keep our riders safe as they learn to ride.

We thank each one of them and ask that you thank them, too.


Copper is a special pony. She is kind and protects new riders.


Rosie is a favorite to all and comes from a ranch - she can do it all.


Karma loves trail riding and eating candy.


Charlie is one of the kindest and softest horses in the stables.


Jesse has been with our team a long time and gives special memories to all.


Chase is one of the best horse friends you could ask for. But, he's scared of cows- really scared.


Daly is a soldier and has started over 150 riders. She's an angel on the earth.

Hey Competitors!

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