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for Summer Riding Camps

Riding and loving horses is a one-of-a-kind activity and new to many of our parents and riders. For the most part, our parents are not 'horse people', and are unfamiliar with this sport, so we go the extra mile to educate and include you about horses and the sport of riding.

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Clip Clop accepts riders aged 5 - 18 years old. 


Equipment and Rider Dress

Parents will receive the Clip Clop Summer Camp Information Package two weeks before the camp start date which contains all the information needed to get their riders ready for Summer Camp.

To get an idea of what items your rider will need:

Clip Clop supplies the horse, saddle, bridle, instructor and assistant, helmet (sterilized between riders).

The rider(s) supplies their helmet (personal choice), pants, footwear, jacket, water bottle, towel, snack/lunch (for Full Day Campers), mosquito/bug repellent, ball cap/sunglasses

Please refer to the Clip Clop Summer Riding Camp Information Package for full details. 

Note: Riders are NOT permitted to ride in running shoes or shorts and will be prohibited from riding if doing so (we explain why in the information package).


Camp Orientation occurs on the 1st day of Camp. This time is intended to help campers get to know one another, tour the farm and learn about farm safety, meet the horses and other animals, meet the instructors, learn about grooming, identifying and handling equipment, saddling, bridling, haltering, and mounting on Buddy Horses before they do these skills on live horses. This technique is highly effective because new riders become confident by learning more than 200 skills before they move on to a real horse. 


Hands On Program

Clip Clop is a comprehensive horsemanship and gives equal value to on-horse (riding) and off-horse (horse husbandry and caring for horses) skills of horsemanship. Your rider will learn more than 350 skills in our riding camps. In addition to riding, your rider will leaning about feeding, watering, cleaning stables, veterinary care, grooming, and many more skills during their learning and loving horses adventure! 


Riders Who Require Extra TLC

We receive many requests to accommodate children who require extra TLC.

Please note that we are unable to accept children whose conditions leave them prone to uncontrolled and unpredictable outbursts of anger, frustration, fear, violence, etc. whereby it puts them, horses, and others in a dangerous situation.


We are unable to accept children whereby their conditions leave them unable to hear, see, cognitively process instructions, communicate clearly, and control their body movements that would keep them and others safe on a horse and remain atop the horse.

We are unable to accept children whereby a physical condition may jeopardize themselves or the safety of others.


We encourage you to contact our office and we’d be happy to learn about your child and decide together the appropriateness of our program!

We have colleagues in the industry who run fantastic licensed, therapeutic riding programs, and we can guide you to them.

If you're unsure if we are fit for each other then please call our office and we can make the decision together!

White Sheet

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