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White Sheet

Step 1
for Summer Riding Camps

Riding and loving horses is a one-of-a-kind activity and new to many of our parents and riders. For the most part, our parents are not 'horse people', and are unfamiliar with this sport, so we go the extra mile to educate and include you about horses and the sport of riding.

Read on to get a feel for the program we offer! 

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Clip Clop accepts riders aged 5 - 18 years old. 


Equipment and Rider Dress

Parents will receive the Clip Clop Summer Camp Information Package two weeks before the camp start date which contains all the information needed to get their riders ready for Summer Camp.

To get an idea of what items your rider will need:

Clip Clop supplies the horse, saddle, bridle, instructor and assistant, helmet (sterilized between riders).

The rider(s) supplies their helmet (personal choice), pants, footwear, jacket, water bottle, towel, snack/lunch (for Full Day Campers), mosquito/bug repellent, ball cap and sunglasses.

Note: Riders are NOT permitted to ride in running shoes or shorts and will be prohibited from riding if doing so (we explain why in the information package).


Camp Orientation occurs on the 1st day of Camp. This time is intended to help campers get to know one another, tour the farm and learn about farm safety, meet the horses, meet the instructors, learn about grooming, identifying and handling equipment, saddling, bridling, haltering, and mounting on Buddy Horses before they do these skills on live horses. This technique is highly effective because new riders become confident by learning more than 200 skills before they move on to a real horse. 


Hands On Program

Clip Clop is a comprehensive horsemanship and gives equal value to on-horse (riding) and off-horse (horse husbandry and caring for horses) skills of horsemanship. Your rider will learn more than 300 skills in our riding camps. In addition to riding, your rider will leaning about feeding, watering, cleaning stables, veterinary care, grooming, and many more skills during their learning and loving horses adventure! 

Summer Camps Questions

Because we know you're gonna ask - we want you to have the answers easily and right now:

There is more information on the dedicated pages, but these are the ones we get asked during registration.

  • Helmets: We provide helmets (you may also bring your own ASTM approved helmet).

  • Boots:  You provide the boots with a one-inch heel. The info page gives the details.

  • Grouping: Siblings, cousins, and friends can be grouped together regardless of age and experience (there is so much to learn).

  • Early drop-off or late pick-up? Yes! Let us know - we can help.

  • Bussing:  We do not provide bussing because the stables is within the Calgary city limits (Bearspaw).

Our Horses - Your Champions

Our trained, child-friendly horse teachers are some of the best in the industry and you can rest assured that these horse champions will take care of your child. It's a Clip Clop Promise.

Our team of horse teachers are made up of former show ring, work, ranch, and pleasure horses that have dedicated the remainder of their lives to teaching your child to ride in exchange for your child's love and care. It's a breathtaking arrangement.

  • They know when to respond and when not to.

  • They know when to move and when not to.

  • They know how to soothe a trepid rider and they know how to encourage a curious rider.

  • They know when to lean into an anxious rider and when to retreat from an anxious rider.

  • They know when to resist a frustrated rider and when to reward a patient rider.

  • Their ability to read a child is extraordinary and their desire to take care of child is a mystery.

These horses are proud to continue their service to humans by teaching your children. Thank you for giving them a valued purpose as the highlight of their careers.


Riders Who Require Extra TLC

Hi Parents, 

We receive many requests to accommodate children who require an extra touch.

Please note that we are unable to accept children whose conditions leave them prone to uncontrolled and unpredictable outbursts of anger, frustration, fear, violence, etc. whereby it puts them, horses, and others in a dangerous situation.


And, we are unable to accept children whereby their conditions leave them unable to hear, see, cognitively process instructions, communicate clearly, and control their body movements that would jeopardize their safety and that of others.

The metrics our company (and insurance company) uses to determine appropriateness for participation is: Is the child integrated into a standard classroom setting without the assistance of an aide?


We encourage you to contact our office and we’d be happy to learn about your child and decide together the appropriateness of our program!

We also have colleagues in the industry who run fantastic licensed, therapeutic riding programs, and we can guide you to them.


Give us a call! We can't wait to learn about your child!  587-894-2567

White Sheet

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