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Summer Riding & Horsemanship Camps 

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Welcome to

Summer Horsemanship Camps!

We are excited to provide your child a fun and educational experience that will foster their love for horses and teach them valuable horsemanship and leadership skills.

We offer Half and Full day camps, M-F, in July & August, tailored to the age and experience of each group of campers. You will be guided to the full details on the Camps Option & Registration page.

Great Hands & Hooves

Rest assured that your child is in great hands and hooves with our excellent team of human and horse teachers, who are well trained, experienced, and dedicated to providing a safe and enriching experience for your child.

Your Child is Safe

Ensuring your child's safety is our top priority, and we have taken rigorous measures to achieve this across all areas - physical, emotional, and social. Our staff is carefully selected, trained, and supervised to follow our safety protocols and standard operating practices.


Clip Clop Horsemanship Camps offer a fun and engaging way for campers to learn about all things horses. Our experienced Camp Leaders teach safety, bonding, grooming, tacking, and basic horsemanship in English and Western styles of riding - no experience necessary!

Learning Assistants

In addition to the Camp Leader, Learning Assistants are present to help all Clip Cloppers.

We have a high ratio of leaders to riders.

Horse Play Riding and Leadership

Horse Play and Riding Horse time at camp is divided into two parts: Horse Play, where riders learn about horses through fun games and activities, and Riding & Horse Handling, which teaches riding skills and leadership.

Riding & Horse Handling Our Riding & Horse Handling activities teach riders how to ride, lead, brush, and tack up horses. We use Buddy Horses to ensure safety and build confidence before transitioning to live horses. This helps riders learn grooming, tacking, and mounting/dismounting skills and develop leadership skills like decision-making, communication, and responsibility.


At Clip Clop, we believe that the leadership skills required to form a partnership with horses are essential, and we teach them in every aspect of our program. Our goal is to help our riders become successful and responsible horse handlers while developing valuable life skills.

By the end of our camp, riders have formed a deep bond with horses and learned valuable skills that can be applied in many areas of their lives.

Rider's Choice - the decision is in their hands.

Depending on the confidence, experience level, and desire to ride of the individual rider, riders are supported in making their own decision to:

  • ride a horse,

  • share a horse (many kids love this),

  • lead a horse or

  • watch others before riding on their own.

We have a 99.95% success rate of riders riding, at their level, confidently, by the end of camp.

We plan for each rider to have their own horse.

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Registering is a Cinch!  Follow the below:

(Did you know  that a 'cinch' is the belt that secures a western saddle onto the horse?)


  • Be safe

  • Participate in daily riding/horse handling lessons

  • Learn horsemanship & leadership skills

  • Create fun horse crafts

  • Bond with horses 

  • Get dirty

  • Laugh

  • Increase body awareness

  • Celebrate  achievements

  • Make new friends (2 & 4-legged)

Sample camp items listed below; full list provided upon registration.
What to wear:

• Comfortable stretchy pants or riding pants.

• Shirt with sleeves (t-shirts are fine, but nothing sleeveless)

• Boot with 1” heel

• Riding Helmet (if you have, or we'll lend you one).


What to Bring:

• A change of clothes for when not riding (optional) and Running Shoes

• Gloves (optional but suggested)

• A jacket in case it gets cool (no hoodies, scarves or anything loose and hanging.)

• Lunch (Full Day) Snacks (1/2 Day),

• Water Bottle

• Medication, if needed

• Carrots, apples, black licorice (for horses)

• Bug Spray

• Love, enthusiasm, and YOU!

(Camp Registration Information) 

Make summer camp and riding lesson memories with the coolest crew of Horse Leaders and Horses!

Our team are members of our highly-regarded Key Leadership Program, and are are prepared to guide your rider every step of the way and follow the guidelines for humane and ethical treatment of animals and the delivery of horsemanship education.

We are excited and ready to meet you!

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