Age: 5 to 8

Age:  9 to 18

Days: Monday to Friday

Time: 9 am - 12 noon or 

1 pm - 4 pm



Special Note: $295.00 for Week 6 b/c is it a 4-day week due to Heritage Day on Monday, August 1, 2022

$1552.00 for 5 weeks 1/2 Day Summer Camps: June 27 - July 29

$1242.00 for 4 weeks 1/2 Day Summer Camps: August 1 - August 26

Clip Clop 1/2-Day Riding Camps are filled with fun and interesting horse-related activities. Clip Clop Riders are introduced to all things horses through crafts, interactive games and, of course, riding lessons!


Our excellent Camp Leaders teach campers about safety around horses and the stables, bonding with horse, the parts of the horse, grooming, tacking and basic horsemanship in both English and Western styles of riding (no previous experience required).

Horse time at camp will be divided into two parts:

Horse Play – Riders learn horsemanship skills through theory and hands-on;  anatomy, nutrition, feeding, caring for horses, by engaging in fun activities and games.

Riding – Our goal is that riders learn learn how to ride, lead, brush and tack up horses, and we teach this on Buddy Horses (practice model horses) prior to moving onto live horses in order to ensure safety, confidence, and knowledge. The riders rave about this feature and report that they are super glad they learned the many skills of grooming, tacking, mounting/dismounting, and haltering before they fu(n)mbled through it on live horses.

Depending on the confidence, experience level, and desire to ride of the individual rider, riders are supported in making their own decision to: ride a horse, share a horse (many kids love this), lead a horse or watch others before riding on their own. We have a 100% success rate of riders riding, at their level, confidently, by the end of camp!

Learning Assistants

In addition to the Camp Leader, Learning Assistants are present to help all Clip Cloppers.


Week 1
 June 27 - July 1

Week 2: 
July 4- 8

Week 3:
 July 11 - 15

Week 4: 
July 18 -22

Week 5: 
July 25 -  29


Week 6:  
 August 2- 5 (Tu - Fri.) (Heritage Day is Monday, August. 1, 2022) 
Camp Fee: $295.00

Week 7:
 August 8 -12

Week 8:
 August 15 - 19

Week 9:
 August 22- 26

Learning to Lead is Good Riding Says Clip Clop!


At Clip Clop, we place an equal value on horseback riding skills and horsemanship skills. Learning to Lead is Good Horsemanship- learning how to be a LEAD-er to the horse is the MOST important skill a rider can learn!

Our riders learn about ALL of the skills of building a solid foundation of horsemanship. Please be excited and expect for your child to learn the skills to become a Leader through the horsemanship skills attained both off and on the horse! Children LOVE to learn about horses! 


  • Be safe

  • Participate in daily riding/horse handling lessons

  • Learn horsemanship & leadership skills

  • Create fun horse crafts

  • Bond with horses 

  • Get dirty

  • Laugh

  • Increase body awareness

  • Celebrate  achievements

  • Make new friends (2 & 4-legged)

What to wear:

• Comfortable stretchy pants or riding pants.

• Shirt with sleeves (t-shirts are fine, but nothing sleeveless)

• Boot with 1” heel

• Riding Helmet (if you have, or we'll lend you one).


What to Bring:

• A change of clothes for when not riding (optional).

• Gloves (optional but suggested)

• A jacket in case it gets cool (no hoodies, scarves or anything loose and hanging.)

• Lunch (Full Day) Snacks (1/2 Day),

• Water Bottle

• Medication, if needed

• Carrots, apples, black licorice (for horses)

• Bug Spray

• Love, enthusiasm, and YOU!