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Registration Participation Policies:



If you wish to cancel your registration,- no problem! But, please do so before the start of the next billing cycle- before the first of the next month- and no charges will be applied to your card by the platform.

There will be no refunds given after the first of the month and no refunds or credit given for partial months.

To be clear, if you start a month- finish a month..

Your spot will not be reserved.

Remember, once a Clip Clopper, always a Clip Clopper- come back anytime!


If you need to miss a month or more and want to reserve your spot, no problem for Clip Clop!

We will reserve your spot for your return, but you must let us know BEFORE  the billing cycle of the next month (same as above) and we will reserve your spot for your return with no fees applied.



Did you register for a camp and learned you have to change summer plans? No worries, but make sure you let us know up to one week before the camp start date.

No refunds will be given from the 7 days prior to the start of the camp you registered for and no refunds will be given after the start of a camp.

You may sell your spot to another camper if you wish! Please contact our office and we will be happy to transfer your registration to another aspiring Clip Clopper!



Clip Clop, Inc. will provide make up lessons for lessons that we cancel due to weather or unforeseen circumstances AND for riders who have made previous arrangements to miss a lesson: medical appointments, exams, holidays, etc. Make up Lessons are not provided for riders who are a NO SHOW for lesson(s) for any reason.


When you book your time away - don't forget to tell us! We would love a 2-week notice that your rider will be absent for a lesson/lessons. The rider will "Make Up" their lesson by joining an existing lesson of their level or by joining a formal "Make Up" lesson hosted by Clip Clop, Inc. Formal make up lesson times and dates will be announced. Should a rider not be able to attend either make up lesson opportunity, then no other credit or make up lesson will be made available. 



Remember, once a Clip Clopper, always a Clip Clopper- come back anytime!


Worried about missing lessons or camp(s) or camp days due to flu-like symptoms or Covid? Don't worry! We'll make sure your rider gets their lessons and camp days! If your rider experiences flu-like symptoms, is Covid exposed, and/or contracts Covid and has to be in isolation and misses lessons, Clip Clop, Inc. will provide the same number of lessons/camp days missed - at a later date - exactly like we do for the Missed Lesson policy. 

If the rider is unable to make up Camp Days due to running out of summer then they will receive a credit towards the Classic Clip Clop Horsemanship Program.

Clip Clop, Inc. will not provide refunds for days missed while a rider is in isolation due to flu-like symptoms and/or Covid because their spot has been reserved just for them!

Riders have one month to book and take their missed lessons.

Covid Measures, Credits, Interim Horsemanship Program, and It's Only Temporary

If government Covid restrictions mandate a temporary pause in our activities one of two measures will be taken that depend on the level of restrictions and duration:

1. The Interim Horsemanship Program (IHP) will be the stand-in program for the Classic Clip Clop Horsemanship program. You will receive the complete information for your Clip Clopper to continue learning and loving horses. 


We have several IHP's created and ready for delivery and are dependent upon the level of restrictions.

-The value of the Stand-In Interim Horsemanship Program will be equal to the value of the Classic Clip Clop program! We promise!

2.  The All registrations, fees and activities will pause likewise, and resume once restrictions are released. Additionally, future (monthly rollover registrations) charges will be frozen by the NBC Sports Engine platform and will resume again when restrictions are lifted.

All registrants will remain with a credit. Due to the numerous stops/starts and varying restrictions amongst activities and regions and the considerable bookkeeping requirements to cancel, refund, re-register, rebook, reschedule, repay, etc., and knowing the pause is only temporary - no refunds will be provided.


The good news is that the sport of riding has been the last to be restricted and the first to be released with only temporary restrictions because our activity is outside, large indoor space, few people per group, few people per square foot, and social distancing is part of safe horsemanship.

During the temporary pauses Clip Clop remains in contact with our riders to make sure they stay engaged and look forward to riding once the restrictions are released....again.


If you have any questions about the Policies, give us a call!

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