If you wish to cancel your registration,- no problem! But, please do so before the start of the next billing cycle- before the first of the next month- and no charges will be applied to your card by the platform. There will be no refunds given after the first of the month and no refunds or credit given for partial months. To be clear, if you start a month- finish a month..

Remember, once a Clip Clopper, always a Clip Clopper- come back anytime!



Did you register for a camp and learned you have to change summer plans? No problem, but make sure you let us know up to one week before the camp start date. No refunds will be given from the 7 days prior to the start of the camp you registered for and no refunds will be given after the start of a camp.

You may sell your spot to another camper if you wish! Please contact our office and we will be happy to transfer your registration to another aspiring Clip Clopper!


Remember, once a Clip Clopper, always a Clip Clopper- come back anytime!


Clip Clop, Inc. will provide make up lessons for lessons that we cancel due to weather or unforeseen circumstances AND for riders who have made previous arrangements to miss a lesson: medical appointments, exams, holidays, etc. Make up Lessons are not provided for riders who are a NO SHOW for lesson(s) for any reason.

When you book your time away - don't forget to tell us! We would love a 2-week notice that your rider will be absent for a lesson/lessons. The rider will "Make Up" their lesson by joining an existing lesson of their level or by joining a formal "Make Up" lesson hosted by Clip Clop, Inc. Formal make up lesson times and dates will be announced. Should a rider not be able to attend either make up lesson opportunity, then no other credit or make up lesson will be made available. 


Worried about missing lessons due to flu-like symptoms or Covid? Don't worry we'll make sure your rider gets their lessons! If your rider experiences flu-like symptoms and/or contracts Covid and has to be in isolation and misses lessons, Clip Clop, Inc. will provide the same number of lessons missed - at a later date - exactly like we do for the Missed Lesson policy. 

Clip Clop, Inc. will not provide refunds for lessons missed while a rider is in isolation due to flu-like symptoms and/or Covid because their spot has been reserved just for them!

Hey Competitors!

Let's be cool with one another! All Contents of this Website are Copyright and Trademark Protected. Please do not copy or paraphrase our programs, concepts and ideas, and/or, try and pass them off as yours, or pose to be associated with our organization when promoting your product. We've worked super hard over many years, and have spent several thousand wheelbarrow loads of dollars designing, delivering, learning, and re-designing, and re-delivering our program for our clients.. which is why we vigorously defend our intellectual property.  There's enough for everyone. Please respect this request as to avoid an unfortunate love letter and follow up process from our legal team.  Thanks for keeping it clean!  Clip Clop