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White Sheet


Registration Participation, Missed Lessons/Camp Days, Intermissions



Each account must have immediate family members only. This is primarily because the waivers are signed within each account and a legal parent/guardian must sign these waivers. 


If you wish to cancel your registration, no problem! But, please do so before the start of the next billing cycle- before the 1st of the next month- and no charges will be applied to your card by the platform.

Cancellation Fee   If you notify our office after the 1st of the month, (after the payment has been automatically processed) then your refund will be subject to a 4% cancellation fee.

There will be no refunds given after the 4th of the month and no refunds or credit given for partial months. 

To be clear, if you start a month- finish a month..

Your spot will not be reserved.

Remember, once a Clip Clopper, always a Clip Clopper- come back anytime!


If you need to miss a month or more and want to reserve your spot, no problem for Clip Clop!

We will reserve your spot for your return, but you must let us know BEFORE  the billing cycle of the next month (same as above) and we will reserve your spot for your return with no fees applied.


Experience has shown us that missed lessons happen for all sorts of reasons, from tummy aches to one-off events like Justin Bieber in town! And hey, we get it, sometimes working moms come home exhausted and just want to cozy up at home instead of heading out again. 

No Questions Asked: We're here to let you know your lesson fees are protected.

Make-Up Lessons

Good news! You have unlimited make-up lesson opportunities, but make sure to let us know before your lesson so we can open up the spot for another rider. The sooner, the better! We've been able to accommodate everyone so far, so keep those notifications coming.

Scenarios for Make-Up Lessons Provided by Clip Clop:

  1. Lessons we cancel due to weather or unexpected situations will be rescheduled.

  2. Lesson you cancel.

No Show Policy: The only catch is that you have to let us know. We can't offer make-up lessons or refunds if you're marked as a "NO SHOW" for your lesson, so be sure to show up or give us a heads-up if you can't make it.

Booking Make-Up Lessons: If you miss a lesson, we'll send you a link to our make-up lesson schedule so you can easily book a slot that works for you.

Holiday Time Away: Planning a holiday? Awesome!  As soon as you know your dates - let us know your dates and we can even get started on the anticipated missed lessons before you get your beach towel!

We're here to make sure everyone gets the most out of their riding experience, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance. Happy riding!

A Request from Clip Clop

We recognize that most sporting activities have to take a hard stand on missing classes, practices, sessions, etc. by not providing make-up opportunities for missed sessions, however, we ask that our generous policy be respected.

Please do your utmost effort to attend your regularly scheduled lesson.

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Each account must have immediate family members only. This is primarily because the waivers are signed within each account and a legal parent/guardian must sign these waivers.

*If you would like to rally a group of campers, please see the Clip Clop Camp Discount Plan below.


Did you register for a camp and learned you have to change summer plans? We have a few options for you:

1) Contact our office to see if we can transfer your registration to a different camp week.


2) If this isn't possible a refund may be given IF It is within 7 days before the start of your camp, AND Clip Clop has someone on the waitlist who can replace your registration. Clip Clop usually has a healthy waitlist for camps overall. But, each week varies. The camps are usually full before the start of camp season and a waitlist is generated.

Critical change in personal circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis and no promises are given.


If a personal circumstance is considered to warrant a refund (no promises given or implied) a cancellation fee will apply because the registration platform (NBC Go Motion - Sports Engine) does not provide service-fee refunds because they fulfilled their services by collecting the registration information.


The cancellation fee will be equal to the percentage of registration fees collected by NBC Go Motion. Clip Clop, Inc. does not charge a cancellation fee.

Additionally, if it is not possible to fill your camp spot you may be given a credit for horsemanship lessons or future summer camps.

You may sell your spot to another camper that is not on our list, should you know someone who would like to attend.  Please contact our office and we will be happy to transfer your registration to another aspiring Clip Clopper! 

Please note: Historically, about 85% of the time, Clip Clop is able to sell the spot to a person on the waitlist and provide a refund.

*Note About Allergies- This is a tricky one.

Please make sure that you know your child's sensitivity to allergies. It is very difficult (and sometimes not possible) to enlist someone from the waitlist mid-camp-week (which is why we have a 7-day window for refunds for common cancellation reasons) if your child reacts to the farm/stable environment and is unable to finish the camp week.

We will do our best to fill the spot for this circumstance only, but please know that a refund will not be issued if the open days are not filled from the waitlist.

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Wildfire Smoke Policy:


We prioritize the safety and welfare of our riders and horses above all else. We want to ensure that you are well-informed about our approach to lessons and camp days in the event of smoke conditions resulting from wildfires. Generally, we do not provide refunds for missed lessons or camp days due to these circumstances, as we have implemented alternative learning activities to compensate for such situations. 


Nonetheless, in rare and extreme smokey situations where we are unable to provide the alternative learning activities, our company will carefully consider the situation and make a decision that upholds the value of your registration fees. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Clip Clop maintains regular consultation and communication with Alberta Health Services to ensure optimal learning while prioritizing the well-being and safety of both riders and horses.


  1. Lesson and Camp Day Modifications: In response to smoky air conditions, we prioritize the safety of our participants. During periods of poor air quality, we will modify lessons and camp activities to ensure a reduced exposure to smoky air. Our instructors and staff are trained to implement alternative learning and recreational activities that minimize the risks associated with these conditions.

  2. Off-Horse Learning and Indoor Activities: When smoke conditions are present, we will implement off-horse learning sessions and focus on indoor activities. These sessions will include theoretical lessons, practical demonstrations, and interactive exercises that enhance horsemanship skills and knowledge. This adjustment provides a safer environment for our riders and campers during periods of smoky air.

  3. Parental Decision-making: As parents, you are the best judge of your child's health and well-being. We encourage you to consider their individual needs and make decisions that align with their best interests. If you choose not to attend a lesson or camp day due to smoke conditions, please note that the session will not be rescheduled, and no refund will be provided. However, we value your commitment to our program, and we will provide alternative activities and materials to make up for the missed session.

  4. Key Leadership Program: For participants who have completed our Key Leadership Program, we trust in your ability to apply your understanding of leadership through horsemanship. We believe you can make informed decisions about attending lessons and camp days during smoky conditions. Your participation in the program has equipped you with the skills to assess situations and make prudent choices. We support your decision-making process, prioritizing your well-being.


Our commitment to providing a safe, positive, and enriching experience for our riders and campers remains steadfast.  

Clip Clop Lesson Discount Plan

Multi-Class Discount:

If you are registered for 2 classes, you receive a 10% discount on the 2nd class.

If you are registered for 3+ classes, you receive a 10% discount on the 2nd class, and 15% on any additional classes.

Sibling Discount:

The 1st sibling is not discounted. The 2nd sibling will receive a 10% discount, and any additional siblings receive a 15% discount.

*Discounts apply to immediate family only.

Clip Clop Camp Discount Plan

Multi-Class Discount:

If you are registered for 2 or more camps, you receive a 10% discount on the 2nd camp and any additional camps.

Sibling Discount:

The 1st sibling is not discounted. Any additional siblings receive a 15% discount.

*Discounts apply to immediate family only. However, if you are individual, who rallies a group of campers to register together that are not immediate family members, please call our office because we would love to give you a special discount of putting the effort of putting your group together.

White Sheet

If you have any questions about the Policies, give us a call!

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