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Step 2:
Select Your Rider's Level

Quick Link for all Levels
(for Returning Riders)

Select Your Riders Level!

As a parent of a new horseback rider, we're here to make it easy for you to find the right

program. We know understanding your child's riding level might be new for you, but we've

made it simple.

Check out our rider level descriptions below, and pick the one that sounds most like your child's experience. It's okay, if we don't get it right the first time - switching to a different

level/class is no problem!

We'll guide you to the next steps, including our easy-to-use registration platform.

Don't stress, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Let's get your child signed up for

a fantastic horse riding experience!


Read the brief intros, then select your level at the bottom to access

all you to know and to register!

Which level sounds most like your

Riders experience? 

Horseback Riding & LEARN TO RIDE 1

3 Skill Sets

This level is for those newcomers, newbies and the just-started-loving-horses group.

Come join this level if you have not haltered, caught, groomed, mounted/ dismounted, and tacked up your own horse (even if you have ridden before) as these skills are vital in building a solid foundation in horsemanship.


Horseback Riding & LEARN TO RIDE 2

3 Skill Sets

This level is for horse lovers who have graduated through the LTR 1 skills.


Join this level if you are solid at haltering, leading, catching, grooming, tacking up, mounting/dismounting, and riding without a LA (Learning Assistant) at the walk and trot, but still require the assistance of a LA/Coach for learning to canter.


Horseback Riding & LEARN TO RIDE 3

2 Skill Sets

This level is for those riders who have successfully acquired and exhibit the skills

of LTR 2.


And in addition can catch and prepare their horse for the riding class without the assistance of an LA (Learning Assistant), and are confident at the walk, trot, and canter or are ready to canter unassisted.​



1 & 2 

 Complete skill set within the level.

This level is for riders who can prepare the horse for the Riding Lesson, ride all three paces, un-tack, groom, and care for their horse unassisted.


In this level they will learn about lateral movements, ground work, and are advancing towards transitioning from Clip Clop horses in to leasing or purchasing a horse in order to commit to and learn the intermediate skills of horsemanship.

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