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About Clip Clop, Inc.

Every horse lover starts riding somewhere- let it be Clip Clop.

Most horse loving kids and their parents don't know where or how to get started or continue learning about and loving horses, so we created a fun and meaningful horsemanship program that teaches kids how to ride, bond, and care for horses safely through our riding lessons and summer camps. 

Our promise to you is clear- we will teach your rider a solid foundation in horsemanship-professionally.


Clip Clop, Inc.

Clip Clop, Inc. is a privately owned horse and rider education company. Our company was originally organized in 1994 as a sole proprietorship under a different name, and started with 6 riders. Since then, our company has changed it's name and taught over 4000 riders how to love and ride horses.  Thank you for considering to join us!

Our Purpose - Building a Horsemanship Foundation

Every horse lover starts somewhere!

Clip Clop is Here - No Worries

By registering at Clip Clop, we take the worry out of wondering where to send your child to ride.

Starting off right in the sport of riding horses is not as easy as it seems and most stables do not have a plan for teaching your rider about horsemanship or a plan for teaching you, the non-horse parent, about the sport of riding.


Unfortunately, in Canada, our sport and our industry is not regulated and anyone who hangs a sign on their front gate are allowed to teach youth to ride. 

Created by professional equine course curriculum developers, top riders, and industry leaders, we know this void exists in our industry, and we wanted to do something about providing a trusted standardized program, so we created Clip Clop, Inc.

Horsemanship + Leadership = Cool horse loving kids!

Our program has and is successful because we combine two expertise's of ours: horsemanship and leadership. They go together and cannot live without one another.

Clip Clop Advocates for our Parents

No longer do non-horse parents of horse crazy kids have to feel like they're gambling with where to take their child riding or feel vulnerable trusting if they are getting their money's worth. We know it can be concerning starting your child in a sport you may not be familiar with. But, you don't need to be concerned because your child is in a safe place at Clip Clop, Inc.: physically, emotionally and mentally.


Our program advocates for you, the non-horse parent, by educating and keeping you informed of the many nuances of our sport. There won't be high pressure tactics to get you buying and showing horses. Our riders are encouraged to ride for their own reasons whether it be joy, recreation or competition, or a combination of them all. 

You Ride for You

Clip Clop has the expertise to teach a rider from the first day they brush a horse through to international competition which means we can help every rider no matter where they are on the 'why they ride' spectrum.


At Clip Clop, Inc. we know riders ride and love horses for different reasons and we respect this by giving an excellent education to all categories of riders. We make this promise to you, and more importantly, we made this promise to our riders and horses.

You control the pace, spending, and time your rider spends with horses, and we will be here to guide you along the way to the most successful outcome for you and your rider. We protect your rider by guaranteeing to provide a professionally planned curriculum in a safe environment on youth friendly horses.

How We Lay the Foundation

We lay down the foundation through our values by:

  • Introducing riders to horses in such a way that it fosters a mutual respect and understanding between the horse and rider.

  • Helping riders learn how to bond and communicate with horses.

  • Growing youth into self sufficient contributing, members of society through the life lessons that riding and loving horses teaches.

  • Fostering the riders' development of empathy and compassion toward horses, self, and others.

  • Providing a learning environment that gives each child the opportunity to develop their greatest potential because they will be safe while discovering themselves.

  • Creating a network of friendships that are horse-friendly.

  • Guiding, instructing, and nurturing the horsemanship desires of every young person who dreams of riding and being with horses.

  • Educating non-horse parents about horses and the sport enabling them to make informed decisions together with their rider.

You Are Your Child's Hero - No Regrets

You will be the hero in your child's life by supporting them in their love for horses. When they become young adults they will realize with more meaning the opportunity you provided them by supporting their love for horses.

We haven't had one parent in 25 years (65 years combined) that has regretted providing this one-of-a-kind activity for their child, because when you enroll your child in Clip Clop, Inc. you are buying much more than riding lessons because we are providing much more than riding lessons.

Our Partnership with You

Together, you and Clip Clop, partner to raise empowered, respectful, decisive, confident youth.


We regard our youth as more than 'just' kids - they are 'adults in training', and we take their personal development earnestly. It's not easy raising the kind of kids we know will be great adults, and as parents we know the struggle is real, especially in the iPhone age, to teach our kids how to become independent, self-aware, thinkers and influencers.

We've partnered with thousands of parents, and together, raised thousands of awesome brand new adults.

Our Partnership with Carousel Stables

Partnerships are a great way to achieve success for our customers and ourselves! We pool our resources and build on our strengths, so we are able to give our best to our horses, riders and parents.

The owners of Clip Clop and Carousel Stables have a 25-year history working together, and we share the same vision for the development of riders. Together we make a dynamic, well-managed team of horse-loving leaders, who deliver a structured, step-by-step approach to everything a young, aspiring horse lover (and their parents) need to know.

Carousel Stables is a beautiful, boutique stables, that hosts our Calgary based Clip Clop Horse programs in a fully equipped, indoor and outdoor facility, that is able to accommodate all recreation and competitive riders' needs year round.


Hey Competitors!

Let's be cool with one another! All Contents of this Website are Copyright and Trademark Protected. Please do not copy or paraphrase our programs, concepts and ideas, and/or, try and pass them off as yours, or pose to be associated with our organization when promoting your product. We've worked super hard over many years, and have spent several thousand wheelbarrow loads of dollars designing, delivering, learning, and re-designing, and re-delivering our program for our clients.. which is why we vigorously defend our intellectual property.  Please respect this request as to avoid an unfortunate love letter and follow up process from our legal team.  Thanks for keeping it clean!  Clip Clop