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Everyone rider and horse lovers starts somewhere - let it be Clip Clop!



We are excited that you stopped by our website to learn more about us!

Clip Clop is a privately owned horse and rider education company. Our company was originally organized in 1994, and started with 6 riders. Since then, our company has taught over 3000 riders how to love and ride horses.  We would be so happy for you join us!

Our Purpose - Building a Foundation

Everyone starts somewhere! Starting off right is the most important thing we can help any rider do. We are very clear about this purpose which is to start riders off by building a solid foundation:

  • By introducing riders to horses in such a way that it fosters a mutual respect and understanding.

  • By helping riders learn how to bond and communicate with horses.

  • By fostering the riders' development of empathy and compassion toward horses, self, and others.

  • By providing a learning environment that gives each child the opportunity to develop their greatest potential.

  • By creating a network of friendships that are horse-friendly.

  • By guiding, instructing and nurturing the horsemanship desires of every young person who dreams of riding and being with horses.

Our Partnership with Carousel Stables

Partnerships are a great way to achieve success for our customers and ourselves! We pool our resources and build on our strengths, so we are able to give our best to our horses, riders and parents.

The owners of Clip Clop and Carousel Stables have a 25-year history working together, and we share the same vision for the development of riders. Together we make a dynamic, well-managed team of horse-loving leaders, who deliver a structured, step-by-step approach to everything a young, aspiring horse lover needs to know.

Carousel Stables is a beautiful, boutique stables, that hosts our Calgary based Clip Clop Horse programs in a fully equipped, indoor and outdoor facility, that is able to accommodate all recreation and competitive riders' needs.


Hey Competitors!

Let's be cool with one another! All Contents of this Website are Copyright and Trademark Protected. Please do not copy or paraphrase our programs, concepts and ideas, and/or, try and pass them off as yours, or pose to be associated with our organization when promoting your product. We've worked super hard over many years, and have spent several thousand wheelbarrow loads of dollars designing, delivering, learning, and re-designing, and re-delivering our program for our clients.. which is why we vigorously defend our intellectual property.  There's enough for everyone. Please respect this request as to avoid an unfortunate love letter and follow up process from our legal team.  Thanks for keeping it clean!  Clip Clop