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Summer Horsemanship Camps

Volunteer Leader

Information and

Registration Steps Page

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You are here because you would love to learn about and register

to become a Summer Horsemanship Camp Volunteer Leader at Clip Clop!

We're thrilled to have the opportunity to work with your child and help them gain valuable experience working with animals and children in a fun and supportive environment.

Read the information on this page and begin the step-by-step registration process below.


About Clip Clop


To foster a supportive community of youth riders, ages 5-12 (riders over 12 are usually independent of the need for a LA), to succeed in building their foundation of horsemanship, and to support the overall delivery of the program while contributing to a culture of support, safety, and belonging.


To provide a safe, supportive, and enthusiastic place for the riders at Clip Clop to build their horsemanship foundation through our Horsemanship Summer Camps and Riding Lessons programs.

What does Clip Clop do?

We introduce newcomers (and foster existing riders) to the sport of riding and build for them a solid foundation of horsemanship through a safe, and fun and meaningful program delivered in a professional environment.

What does a Summer Horsemanship Volunteer Camp Leader Leader do? 

Hands-On Assistance

You will be a member of the Clip Clop Key Leadership Team and assist them:


  • to create a safe and supportive environment for camp riders aged 5+

  • to keep the camp stations on schedule  

  • and camp riders in the various camp stations: horse and non-horse

  • in keeping the camp stations organized

  • in running and referring the games

  • in crafts

  • horse learning

  • and mentor younger camp riders

  • by feeding, watering, and caring for the horses

  • to help the nervous, apprehensive, or shy camp riders


Horse Experience?

We understand that you (your child) may not have any prior horse experience, but that's okay! 

Our program is designed to provide all the necessary training and support to make sure they're fully prepared for their role as a Summer Camp Volunteer Leader. Additionally, we have plenty of non-horse related stations that they can help with if they prefer.


Here are some key details about our program


  • We offer flexible shifts throughout the summer, with no minimum number of shifts required.

  • Our program is carefully monitored, and our team enforces strict guidelines and expectations to ensure a positive and safe experience for everyone involved.

  • All Summer Camp Volunteer Leaders perform their roles under the supervision of a head coach and/or shift lead.

  • Our program is designed to provide a unique opportunity for youth who love horses at no cost to them.

  • This is a volunteer program and not an employment position


Requirements to Become a Summer Horsemanship Camp Youth Leader

  • Must be 11 years old and older

  • Have none to extensive experience with horses

  • Must love children and horses

  • Are inspired to gain experience working in a team environment

  • Be able to attend shifts on time and stay for the entirety of the shift

  • Must have parental acknowledgment and authorization to participate



All LAs perform their roles under the supervision of a Head Coach and/or a Shift Lead.



The Summer Horsemanship Camps are located at Carousel Stables at 254207 Bearspaw Road, Calgary, T3R 1G1

Shift Availability

Full-day and half-day shifts available for youth leaders

  • Full-day shifts:

    • Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

  • Half-day shifts:

    • Monday to Friday

      • morning half-day (8:30am - 1:00pm)

      • afternoon half-day (12:30pm - 4:30pm)


Camp Weeks

  • Week 1: July 1 - 5 

  • Week 2: July 8 - 12

  • Week 3: July 15 - 19

  • Week 4: July 22 - 26

  • Week 5: July 29 - Aug 2

  • Week 6 (Short Week): Aug 6 - 9

  • Week 7: Aug 12 - 16

  • Week 8: Aug 19 - 23

  • Week 9: Aug 26 - 30


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Start Now the Step-by-Step Path to Register!

Step 1: NBC GoMotion Registration Platform

We keep track of our team through GoMotion, a sports registration platform. 


All Summer Camp Volunteer Leaders are required to register online through GoMotion to maintain a consistent and accurate database for all of our members. This platform also allows us to keep the volunteers' personal, emergency contact, and medical information updated, as well as required waivers signed and information packages available.


  • Click Here and this link will take you to the Go Motion Registration Platform

    • But, please read the remainder of this page first! Thanks!

  • You will land on a page that reads "Welcome to Clip Clop Registration!"

  • Scroll down to the purple header that reads "Key Leadership Program".

  • There is only one section under the purple header and it is labeled "Summer Camp Volunteer Leader Registrations".

  • Please select the only "class" option showing (days of the week across the top w/time slots underneath) and click the blue "Add to Cart" button and complete the registration.

  • No fee will be applied in the Cart.

  • Note: If you have participated in any of our programs before, you may already have an existing account.


Step 2: Summer Camp Volunteer Information Zoom Call (Date and Time TBA)


Once you have completed the GoMotion registration, you (Camp Volunteer Leader) will receive an invitation to a one hour Zoom call with our Camp manager and the other Summer Camp Volunteer Leaders. 


During this call, you will get to virtually meet the other volunteers and our Camp manager will give you more information about the program, and answer any questions you may have.


Step 3: Connect Team App


After the Zoom call, our Camp manager will provide you with further instructions (you must be provided with a personal kiosk number) on how to sign up for shifts on Connect Team, a mobile app that allows you to view and book your Summer Camp Volunteer Leader shifts. The app is user-friendly and flexible, allowing you to choose shifts that work with your schedule all summer long.


Step 4: Farm Tour

Before the start of the summer camp season, we invite all Summer Camp Volunteer Leaders and their parents to visit the farm for a pre-summer camp farm tour. This is a great opportunity to meet and greet with the Camp manager, other Summer Camp Volunteer Leaders, and get familiar with the farm and our programs.


Step 5: Pre-Summer Camp Rally

Our pre-summer camp rally of key leaders is a fun event where the entire Summer Camp Key Leadership Team is invited to the farm for a meet and greet with the Camp Manager. 

During the rally, volunteers will receive their shirts, hats, and other materials needed for their role. It's a great opportunity to get familiar with the farm and our programs, and to kick off the summer with excitement and camaraderie.


We hope to see you soon, and please don't hesitate to visit our website for a complete look at our programs.


Communication Channels

Clip Clop and the parents will be able to communicate with one another through phone, email, and Go Motion platform.

Additional Information About our Key Leadership Program

Click the link to learn about the entire Key Leadership Program and Philosophies: 

 Key Leadership Program- About Us

Questions: Should you have any questions or require ANYTHING,

call 587-892-6100 or email:

A final note from Clip Clop, CEO, "Chief Equine Officer"

Hello Key Leader,

I hope you're excited to join our Key Leadership Team and help us run a successful program.

Let me tell you, our horses are looking forward to working with you too!

This is a rare program in the world of horses so take advantage of this opportunity!

So go ahead and register through the steps we've provided, and I can't wait to see you soon.

Thanks for joining the herd!

Once a Clip Clopper - Always a Clip Clopper! You will always be a part of our team no matter where your horse journey takes you!

Your friend always,

Clip Clop


Disclaimer for Volunteer Positions

Please note that while we strive to ensure all volunteers are a good fit for our program, we reserve the right to remove a volunteer from their position if they do not meet our expectations or if we believe they are not a safe fit for the program.

Additionally, please be aware that volunteering with our program may involve some physical activity and interactions with animals, so it's important that all volunteers are comfortable with these aspects of the program.

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