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                                           Key Leadership Program

                        Horsemanship plus Humanship creates great Leadership!

It's boots on the ground for our Key Leadership Team because at Clip Clop, Inc. it's more than riding and caring for horses.

We know that for youth it can be a struggle to find the "power within", so we created this very popular program to foster youth on this quest.


Learning how to be a leader to a horse is one of the essential components of learning to become a safe and competent horseman. Learning how to be a leader within is essential to becoming a leader with the horse(s). Learning together about adopting effective life navigation skills through loving and learning about horses creates a fantastic leadership team!


Our Key Leadership Program consists of 40+ youth Clip Clop horseman in 3 different categories of age and level, who we affectionately call our, 'Clip Clop Crew'' and who collaborate together to foster a supportive community of youth riders to succeed in building their own foundation of horsemanship while helping others build theirs, and to support the overall delivery of the LTR 1, LTR 2 and LTR 3 levels of the program while contributing to a culture of support, safety, and belonging. 


This program is organized, disciplined, and has high expectations that these select youth leaders exceed daily. 

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