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Step 1:
Registration Information
for Horseback Riding Lessons
at both locations


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A note from the CEO's desk:

Hi Parents,

Please take 7 minutes and 35 seconds to read this page and the links provided. It's important because it outlines our business expectations and policies for the welfare of horses, riders, and parents.

Learning to ride thru Horsemanship and loving horses is a one-of-a-kind activity and new to many of our parents and riders.

For the most part, our parents are not 'horse people', and are unfamiliar with this sport, so we go the extra mile to educate you about horses and the sport of riding.

We have extensive experience in the horse sport business and are committed to delivering our program and business practices precisely as stated on our website and communication materials.


We encourage you to read carefully before signing up, especially if you're new to the sport.

Throughout your time at Clip Clop, we'll keep you informed through our Clip Clop Communicator Campaign, which provides horse and rider-related information.

We invite you take 3 minutes and 48 seconds more and read our About Us Page.

Thank you!


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Special Deals

Learn More About Clip Clop

At Clip Clop, we believe that true riding goes beyond just sitting a Rider on a horse and letting the horse do its job. That approach may be easy, but it creates a passive rider who is not in control of the horse. We emphasize the importance of developing self-governance and clear decision-making skills to create authentic riders who can guide and lead their horse. By prioritizing leadership skills and self-governance in our program, we create riders who are confident, capable, and in control of their horse. Our approach to teaching riding is holistic, and we aim to develop our riders' character, self-awareness, and sense of responsibility. We believe that learning to lead a horse is a powerful metaphor for guiding one's own life. Our riders learn to communicate effectively, make informed decisions, and take responsibility for their actions, empowering them to become confident and capable leaders both on and off the horse. Horses are some of the best teachers of leadership and life skills because they are non-judgmental, honest, responsive, and forgiving. Working with horses helps our riders develop self-awareness, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Horses are more than just animals; they are our partners in learning and growth, and we are honored to share our love and respect for these magnificent creatures with our Riders at Clip Clop.

Ride with Confidence: Everything You Need to Know About Our Riding Lesson Program.

Horses are live animals - there is a code.

This is by far, the most vital element to explain to, and thoroughly understood by parents and riders when getting started.


Riding is the only sport where a live, and very large, animal is required for participation. 

This makes ALL the difference, and it's why this sport is so special.

As professional horsemen we, Clip Clop, and it's agents, are required by moral code, and the law, to uphold the standards of horse education, care and love to the horses, riders and parents which is why we teach all aspects of horsemanship and not just the riding portion. We would be neglecting our professional and moral duties if we didn't tell you this and if we didn't teach your rider this.

Welcome to the club. You and your riders are part of the Horseman's Club now!

Two Sets of Expert Skills, Parents are Valuable Contributors

To teach riding, a professional horseman needs two sets of expert skills: one for teaching riders and one for caring for and training horses.

As parents of riders, you play a critical role in your child's success and also in how our horses are treated and respected. Your influence shapes your child's attitude towards horses.

Horses are unique creatures and their needs are ever-changing. Learning about them is an ongoing process.

We believe that taking care of the horses' needs is the key to success in riding. That's why we help non-horse parents understand how to teach their horse-loving children to appreciate and love horses from the horse's perspective. The horses ask for your support in helping your child understand how important learning about horse care is to the horse.

We share a love for these animals, and it's only natural that we let the horses teach us the best way to learn and love them.


Clip Clop accepts riders aged 5 - 18 years old.

All Year!

The sport of riding is year-round due to the constant need for love, care, and attention for the horses and the love of riding by our riders.

Roll Over Clip Clop!

When you register for riding lessons, our registration platform will automatically continue your rider's registration, and 'roll it over' to the next month. Yes, you can manage your account.

See the Policies Page for details.

Intermissions- Stopping and Starting Riding Lessons Throughout the Year

Your rider can stop and start monthly throughout the year, taking as many 'intermissions' as you’d love to take. After an intermission your rider will start back at the same level they were at before the intermission.

See the Policies Page for details.

3 Months’ a Charm

Get the most out of your rider's horse experience by committing to at least 3 months. With consistent practice, your rider will make marked progress, building confidence and skill in horsemanship. It's a worthy investment


Some Years have 4 Week and 5 Week Months 

We price our services based on standard 4-week months for consistency in billing, as there are more 4-week months (usually 8-10 months) than 5-week months in a year. However, there may be two 5-lesson months each year due to uneven distribution of 52 weeks and differing public school schedules. These extra lessons will be reflected on your GoMotion statement.

Clip Clop Makes its Own Month(s)

Clip Clop creates its own months to create continuity throughout the schedule and an equal distribution of lessons per rider and consistency in monthly billing fees. Therefore, you will see that certain months look something like this: 'Clip Clop April' is April 3 - May 1, which ensures that each rider regardless of the day of the week they ride, receives 4 lessons (or 5 for the 5-week months). This way fees are consistent month to month.

Cold Weather - we ride all year inside

Our program runs all year and because of our indoor facility we are able to learn about and love horses in all weather conditions.

We rarely cancel lessons due to weather, however, if road conditions are dangerous due to a storm, we will send out an announcement and postpone lessons for that day.

All riders will receive a make-up lesson for the lesson missed.

Horsemanship (the whole program is made up 1/2 On and 1/2 Off- the horse).

Horsemanship is a combination of "on the horse" (riding or mounted) learning and "off the horse"  (horse husbandry) learning.


There is a tremendous amount of information to be learned about horses!

Learning how to feed, lead, groom, clean stalls, water, blanket and love horses is good riding!


Riding Lessons (half of Horsemanship)

Learning to ride horses is a unique and valuable gift for a child. At Clip Clop, we don't just teach our riders how to sit on a horse; we teach them how to communicate with the horse and become leaders in the partnership.

Unlike trail or pony rides, where the horse is in control, our riders are taught a progressive set of skills that enable them to bond with horses and gain mutual respect. They learn the language of horsemanship, including the aids of hand, seat, leg, voice, body, and balance. They also develop self-awareness and self-control, which helps them influence the horse's responses.

The result is a confident and empowered young rider who can communicate with a horse using the lightest touch. We are proud to be experts in this type of horsemanship education and are excited to share it with your child!

Off-Horse Learning (the other half of Horsemanship)

At Clip Clop, we believe that horsemanship is not just about riding, but also about the many skills and knowledge needed to properly care for and understand horses. That's why we place a great emphasis on teaching Off-Horse Skills, which are critical to creating confident, influential riders.

Off-Horse Skills include everything from feeding, grooming, and leading horses, to identifying and caring for their hooves, to keeping the barn and stable clean and organized. These skills are also essential to keeping riders safe, focused, and competent, both in and out of the saddle.

We understand that some parents may have initially enrolled their child for riding lessons only, but we firmly believe that Off-Horse Skills are an intrinsic part of horsemanship. Without them, riders may find it discouraging or frustrating to learn how to ride, and for some, it may even be impossible.

That's why we integrate Off-Horse Learning, or "Horse Play", into every horsemanship session, regardless of weather conditions. We teach more intensely during extremely cold weather, when riding may not be possible, to ensure that riders are able to optimize their learning time.

At Clip Clop, we're committed to providing the real-deal when it comes to horsemanship, and that means teaching both riding and Off-Horse Skills, so that our riders can become confident, knowledgeable, and influential horse lovers.


Coldest Place on the Planet

Alberta's cold climate requires riders to learn horse care and safe practices in arctic conditions. Extreme cold may affect riding lesson schedules, but our horses are equipped to handle the cold thanks to their natural adaptation mechanisms.

When it's very cold, we may or may not ride during horsemanship sessions, depending on the horses' wellbeing. Riders will learn how to humanely care for horses in cold weather, and adjust their expectations for winter lessons.

Sudden temperature changes can cause stress to horses, especially when going from indoor exercise to outdoor cold. We manage temperature spikes carefully to keep our horses healthy and safe.

We prioritize off-horse learning during cold weather and all year round. Thank you for supporting our horse and rider welfare efforts by recognizing the importance of these skills.

Parents Staying to Watch

We completely understand that parents want to see their children in action during horsemanship lessons, but unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate spectators due to various logistical reasons.


This includes ensuring that we stay on schedule, minimizing distractions for riders, not having additional non-horse people on site unsupervised, being able to give our full attention to the riders, reducing the risk of injury with livestock, and maintaining dress code standards for visitors. We kindly ask that parents do not remain on site to watch their rider.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping everyone safe and focused during the lessons.

SWYK- Show What You Know

We understand how important it is for parents to see their rider's progress and show off their skills. That's why we host "Show What You Know" events several times a year where riders can showcase what they have learned to their parents. You can find the schedule for SWYK in the Clip Clop Months and it always coincides with when we process Success Trackers. We can't wait for you to see what your rider has accomplished!


Success Trackers -Rider Progression and Recognition

At Clip Clop, we deliver a comprehensive horsemanship curriculum that covers horse care, riding, bonding, leadership, and stable management, providing a solid foundation for our riders. Our Passport to Excellence in Horsemanship program has guided over 5000 riders into becoming well-rounded horse people.


We closely monitor riders' ongoing development and recognize when they achieve new skills both on and off the horse. Regular feedback and praise are provided to riders, and their progress is shared with parents through Success Trackers. Keep an eye out for notices about upcoming ST days!

My Rider Already Learned That

Becoming competent at any skill requires attentive practice, and horseback riding is no exception. Each skill has different progressive levels of competency to learn, and youth riders may perform skills differently as they grow and mature. Therefore, riders may need to repeat certain skills to gain a more thorough understanding and establish confidence.

It's important to note that a child's physical development also affects their ability to perform each skill. Therefore, riders will attentively practice skills they may have already learned, but at ever-increasing levels of physical and academic competency.

Consider that a Rider that tacks up (grooms and puts on the saddle and bridle) at 6 years old is at the watch, learn and help level compared to the Rider at 12 years old who is at the independent level. It's the same as a 6 yr. old wanting to help paint the fence compared to that of the 12 year old. Both working diligently at their level, but two different outcomes.

Dressing Like a Rider- Equipment and Rider Dress

After registering, parents will receive the Clip Clop Registration Package with all the necessary information.


We provide the horse, saddle, bridle, instructor, and assistant.


Riders need to bring their own helmet, dark solid riding pants, appropriate footwear, and jacket. Proper hair preparation is essential for the helmet to fit securely; the Riding Lessons Information Package includes a section on this.

Helmets for Their Heads

Concussion Cure, Brain Buckets, Skid Lids, Brain Bonnet, Head Hardware- whatever you call a safety helmet - they are the MOST important piece of safety equipment your rider requires. 

We take heads and brains seriously.

Safety is our top priority at Clip Clop and we take head protection very seriously. A properly fitted riding helmet is essential for the comfort and safety of your child while riding. For this reason, we no longer loan or rent helmets for our Riding Lesson Program. We encourage all riders to purchase their own helmets to ensure a proper fit and maximum protection.

Seasonal Registration Boosts

Although we ride all year Clip Clop, Inc. boosts the program seasonally to make sure everyone is updated on our program offerings, contests, achievements, seasonal changes, and to give friendly reminders to parents with riders on intermissions to get back to the saddle!

It does not mean a “season” or “session” has come to an end or a start.

Each season focuses on a different aspect of Horsemanship and we don't want anyone to miss out!

​The Seasons of Clip Clop

Fall:              September to December

Winter:        January to March

Spring:        April to June

Summer:     June to July

Riders Who Require Extra TLC 

We receive many requests to accommodate children who require extra TLC.

Please note that we are unable to accept children whose conditions leave them prone to uncontrolled and unpredictable outbursts of anger, frustration, fear, violence, etc. whereby it puts them, horses, and others in a dangerous situation.

We are unable to accept children whereby their conditions leave them unable to hear, see, cognitively process instructions, communicate clearly, and control their body movements that would keep them and others safe on a horse and remain atop the horse.

We are unable to accept children whereby a physical condition may jeopardize themselves or the safety of others.

The metric we (and our insurance company) uses to determine the appropriateness of our program is whether a child requires an aide in school and attends a regular classroom. If so, we must guide them to a program approved for their needs.

We have colleagues in the industry who run fantastic licensed, therapeutic riding programs, and we can guide you to them.

If you're unsure if we are a good fit for your child, please call our office and we can make the decision together!

Updating Information on the Website

Clip Clop, Inc. will, without notice, update the website and it is the parents responsibility to stay apprised by frequently reviewing the website content. As a courtesy to you, the website is usually updated each season to reflect the latest changes in the program. Critical updates will be shared with the parents via email.

The Website Content Contains and Is the Agreement Between You and Wyld Horses, Inc.

By registering and paying for our programs, you agree to the terms and conditions described on this website. We will also follow the contents of this website precisely. If you are unable to comply with any terms or content, please do not register.

The information on this website is for your general information only and may change without notice. We use cookies to monitor browsing preferences, but we are not liable or responsible for any actions that may arise from the use of cookies by third parties.

By continuing to browse and use this website, and by completing the registration process with payment, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use and our privacy policy.

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Select Your Rider's Level
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