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Welcome to the Learning Assistants "LA" Information and Registration Steps Page



You are here because you have either been invited to or have taken

the initiative to become a LA Key Leader and Earn While You Learn!


We understand that beginning anything new can be a lot to learn, and it’s our goal to make sure that you know exactly what to expect from the LA Program, as well as what will be expected of you. We are excited to get started together!

Read the information on this page and begin the step-by-step registration process below.


To foster a supportive community of youth riders, ages 5-12 (riders over 12 are usually independent of the need for a LA), to succeed in building their foundation of horsemanship, and to support the overall delivery of the program while contributing to a culture of support, safety, and belonging.


To provide a safe, supportive, and enthusiastic place for the riders at Clip Clop to build their horsemanship foundation that, in turn, supports the riding and character development of LTR1 and LTR2 (when required) riders.

What does Clip Clop do?

We introduce newcomers and foster existing riders in the sport of riding and build a solid foundation of horsemanship through a meaningful, safe, and fun program delivered in a professional environment.

What does a LA Key Leader do?

You assist Clip Clop by introducing newcomers and fostering existing riders in the sport of riding to build a solid foundation of horsemanship in a safe and respected environment for them all the while you gain more ground building your foundation of horsemanship and earn discount credits towards your registration fees.

Mentorship Program

This is a mentorship program and not an employment or volunteer program.

The Key Leadership Crew

Our Key Leadership Program has 5 divisions, each representing a different level of leadership. Moving up through the levels is a progressive process, where experience and effort lead to advancement. Some of our mentor instructors started as volunteers:

  1. Volunteers

  2. LA:  Shadow, Jr., and Sr.

  3. Shift Leads

  4. Mentor Coaches

  5. Program Manager and Head Instructor


The Program Manager is the Captain of this Program.

The entire Key Leadership teams works together for the overall highest good of the horses, riders, parents, and horse industry while simultaneously earning the priceless attribute of self-worth and a self-can-do attitude through hands-on horsemanship.

How does the LA Assist?

LAs helps acquaint new riders with the entire process of riding. With supervision from the Head Coach and Shift Lead they will assist in the entire process from catching the horse to ride and tacking up, the riding lesson period, and untacking and returning the horse to the paddock post ride. They encourage and provide support to riders and participate and contribute in creating a synergistic environment conducive to realizing our goals.

Rare Program

Our Key Leadership Program is rare (so rare, in fact, we still might be the only program of this kind out there!) and has been designed and delivered to provide a unique opportunity for youth who love horses and want to receive additional horse exposure and experience while building on their overall foundation of horsemanship at no cost to them.

Clip Clop has the option to hire trained persons to fulfill the roles the LAs get to have but then where would horse loving youth get this experience?

The facilities are expensive and the expertise to design and deliver this type of leadership program is uncommon. We have this expertise within Clip Clop and are ambitious in fulfilling the vision to promote youth into our industry. But! The LA and their parent (s) must understand the significance of the LA role (s).

Earn While You Learn

Through the LA leadership role at Clip Clop, Riders "earn while they learn" by entering into a fair exchange for their efforts. The Riders earn discounts towards their riding lesson fees based on the number of shifts they complete in the Riding Lessons and Summer Camps.

This system deepens the value of becoming a leader by teaching them the importance of investing in themselves. By being remunerated for their efforts, Riders gain an understanding of their innate value and worth, which boosts their self-esteem and confidence. They also learn about the two-way street of service and remuneration, and the importance and accountability of showing up and giving their best effort.

The pride and self-empowerment that comes from a fair exchange of giving and receiving is remarkable. As Riders take on responsibility and invest in their own education, they develop a sense of ownership and pride in their accomplishments.


All LAs perform their roles under the supervision of a Head Coach and/or a Shift Lead.


Hands-On Assistance

The role of a LA is to assist the instructor(s) and riders by:


  1. Catching and leading horses/assist riders to the grooming area.

  2. Assist riders grooming.

  3. Assist rider saddling, bridling, and haltering.

  4. Assist the Instructor and Rider during the lesson time, when applicable.

  5. Assist the Riders in post ride grooming and untacking and putting horses away.

  6. Assisting Camp Riders in the various stations.

  7. Helping set up and take down camp games/activities.

  8. Prepare the horses for camp stations.

  9. Feeding, watering, and caring for the horses.

  10. Buddy to nervous, apprehensive, or shy riders.


More Information

The information provided on this page is only intended to assist you in deciding whether to register for our Key Leadership Team program.

There are two more places that exists additional information:

  1. The Key Leadership About Us  page on this website and this shares the philosophy and benefits of youth leadership through horsemanship.

  2. Once you complete the registration process outlined below, you will receive the full information package about how the program runs technically.


This will enable you to review all of the details and make an informed decision about formalizing the LA Registration process

Enrol today with this step-by-step path:


Step 1: NBC GoMotion Registration Platform

We keep track of our team through GoMotion, a sports registration platform. 


All LA Key Leaders are required to register online through GoMotion to maintain a consistent and accurate database for all of our members. This platform also allows us to keep the LAs' personal, emergency contact, and medical information updated, as well as required waivers signed and information packages available.


  • Click Here and this link will take you to the Go Motion Registration Platform.

    • (But read the remainder of this first! Thanks.)

  • You will land on a page that reads "Welcome to Clip Clop Registration!"

  • Scroll down to the purple header that reads "Key Leadership Program".

  • There is only one section under the purple header and it is labeled "LA Registrations".

  • Please select the only "class" option showing (days of the week across the top w/time slots underneath) and click the blue "Add to Cart" button and complete the registration.

  • No fee will be applied in the Cart.

  • Note: If you have participated in any of our programs before, you may already have an existing account.

Step 2:  Welcome to the Key Leadership Team 

Once you have completed the GoMotion registration, you (LA) will receive a friendly and informative call with our Program Manager/Head Instructor. 

This is when you can clarify anything you learned in the information package.

Step 3: Connect Team App


After the Welcome Call, our Program manager will provide you with further instructions (you must be provided with a personal kiosk number) on how to sign up for shifts on Connect Team, a mobile app that allows you to view and book your LA Key Leader shifts. The app is user-friendly and flexible, allowing you to choose shifts that work with your schedule all summer long.

Step 4: Book Your Shifts & Start Earning Credits!

Equipped with your Connect Team kiosk number you will select your LA shifts!

Step 5: Get Your Gear

After you have selected your shifts you will receive your LA hat and shirt!

Step 6: Receive Your Discount Credits!

Upon completion of the month, the total number of shifts completed by the LA Key Leader will be calculated and converted into a discount towards their registration fees. The LA Key Leader will then receive a newly discounted rate for their participation in the fair exchange program.

Questions: Should you have any questions or require ANYTHING,

call 587-892-6100 or email:

A final note from Clip Clop, CEO, "Chief Equine Officer"

Hello Key Leader,

I hope you're excited to join our Key Leadership Team and help us run a successful program.

Let me tell you, our horses are looking forward to working with you too!

Remember, the more effort you put in the more you will get out in leadership development and discount credits!

So go ahead and register through the steps we've provided, and I can't wait to see you soon.

Thanks for joining the herd!

Once a Clip Clopper - Always a Clip Clopper! You will always be a part of our team no matter where your horse journey takes you!

Your friend always,

Clip Clop

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