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It begins
with the first touch...

Every horse lover starts riding somewhere-
let it be Clip Clop.

Most horse loving kids, and their parents don't know where to go or how to get started or continue learning about and loving horses, so we created a fun and meaningful horsemanship program that teaches kids how to ride, bond, and care for horses safely through our riding lessons and summer camps. 

We introduce newcomers to the sport of riding and create for them a solid foundation in horsemanship.

Ages 5-18

It's simple and affordable to get started!

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Answers in a Snap!

Our program exclusively provides Horsemanship & Riding Lessons and Summer Camps and we do not provide:

1.  Trail Rides

2. Horse Rentals

3. Birthday Parties

4. Drop-in Riding or One-Time Rides

5. Adult Lessons

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Riding lessons

Learn how to ride, care for and bond with horses!

Summer Horsemanship camps 2024

Join our  Summer Camps!

Key Leadership team 

Join our Youth Leadership Team!

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