Clip Clop Covid Cowboy is happy to announce that at this time, whew, Clip Clop, Inc. is NOT affected by the AHS Nov. 13-27, 2020 Covid Pause - we will post status changes here. Be safe everyone!

Make a Pony’s Holiday Wish Come True - Give Them a Child!

Your child is the gift of love for horses.

During the months of November & December -Clip Clop, Inc. will donate a percentage of your Holiday registration fee to help less fortunate horses stay warm and fed this winter.

Buy the gift of loving and learning horses for your child now  &  receive a 15% discount for new riders for their first month. Use code HOLIDAYHORSE2020 at checkout!

*For new registrations only. Offer expires December 31st, 2020.


Every horse lover and rider starts somewhere

- let it be Clip Clop!

Clip Clop, Inc. is Covid Compliant for your riders' safety, our safety, and the safety of the business of learning and loving horses!

We just got started up again, and we don't want to lose the privilege's of sharing horses with our youth by not following protocol. Thank you so much for teaming up with us to keep our youth riding!

Doing OUR part - Doing YOUR part:

  • We transferred all registration and information services to our online platform.

  • We Covid Screen every staff member for every shift.

  • We Covid Screen every rider for every lesson.

  • Our staff wears face masks at all times while on shift.

  • We sanitize all touch points on a regular sanitation schedule.

  • We create Covid Rider Pods for each session.

  • Our staff meetings are performed via the internet.

  • Our staff stay home at the onset of any flu-like symptoms.

  • Our customer's registrations are Covid guaranteed.

  • Rider's who miss a lesson due to following Covid protocol receive make-up lessons.

  • Parent's who request for their rider to wear a mask will be supported by our staff to ensure the rider wears their mask.

Scroll down for an interesting article entitled::

Italian Study Shows the risk of spreading Covid 19 while riding is almost non-existing.

                                           Key Leadership Program

                        Horsemanship plus Humanship create great Leadership!

At Clip Clop, Inc. it's more than riding and caring for horses. Learning how to be a leader to a horse is one of the essential components of learning how to be a leader within.


Our Key Leadership Program consists of 30 youth Clip Clop horseman, who we affectionately call our, 'Clip Clop Crew'', who collaborate together to foster a supportive community of youth riders to succeed in building their own foundation of horsemanship while helping others build theirs, and to support the overall delivery of the program while contributing to a culture of support, safety, and belonging.  This program is organized, disciplined, and has high expectations that these select youth leaders exceed daily. 

             For More Information about our Key Leadership Program - contact our office!


Christmas horses with Santa hat on snow

Clip Clop wishes the season's

blessings upon all.

Covid Compliant

We are Covid Compliant


We ride all year in every season in our indoor heated arena!

Horsemanship and Leadership

Horsemanship and Humanship creates great Leadership!

Riding lessons

We specialize in building a solid foundation of horsemanship!


These masked horseman are part of our Covid Sani Crew!

Italian study shows:

Risk of spreading COVID-19 while riding almost non


From Equnews International May 9, 2020.




The CONI (Italian Ministry of Sport and the Italian Committee) has done a study with

the University of Turin and has calculated

the 'possibility of spreading COVID 19' for each sport. Translated from Italian.


Italy is one of the countries that is suffering the most in this COVID-19 period but the Italians are starting to pick up their 'normal life' again. Because of that, the University of Turin made a study, calculating the risks of contamination doing different sports. The results where published in "Lo Sport riparte in sicurezza"; 

The several Olympic sports got a 'risk-indikator' behind their name between 0 (almost non-existing risk) to 4 (very high risk). The variables that were considered in this study were the training conditions, competitions and the presence of audience during the competitions. 

Equestrian sport got in the 0-risk level as well as tennis, golf and swimming in open water.


However, if horseback riding is done in a close contakt group, such as playing polo for example, the risk of contamination increases. Horse racing can have risk factor 1 (=very low risk) as well, in certain situations. Almost all individual sports can be place in risk area 0 or 1. 

Teamsports are the sports with the highest risk, starting from categorie 2.

Waterpolo is the safest sport, since this is played in chloor-water, which minimalises the risk of contamination.

Soccer has risk lever 3, basketball, volleybal and handball or american football have a risk level of 4. 


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