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Level Description

The GT1 and GT2 levels are for riders who have successfully displayed the Level 3 Horsemanship Skills as set out in the Passport to Excellence and are ready to progress.

This program focuses on consolidating and refining basic equestrian skills and stabilizing variants of basic skills and new skills. For those who choose to compete, this level introduces the competitive experience, setting competition goals, managing school with riding, creating a teamwork mindset and solid training habits.


This level focuses on increased relationships with coaches and horses and begins to introduce the rider to the horse industry.

Riders at this level are eligible to join the Key Leadership Team to become volunteer Learning Assistant. Ask your instructor or contact our office for more information.

Horseback Riding: Growth Track 1 & 2


The GT Horsemanship Session is 2 hours.

The rider arrives 30 minutes prior to the 1 -hour riding lesson, and remains until 30 minutes past the riding lesson for  Off-Horse learning.

Riders may or may not groom/tack up/untack the horse they are riding due to scheduling of horses and riders.

We do our level best to provide this opportunity to all riders but due to the logistics of certain classes and riders it is not always possible.


"Learning how to take care of horses is more important than learning how to ride them in becoming a good rider.


Strange it seems, but it's true. 


I take care of him in the stables - he takes care of me in the arena."

                                               Jen, GT 2

muslim girl grooms horse_edited.jpg

Horse Requirements

Recreational Riders: 

Riders who participate at this level in the recreation category, choosing not to compete, are welcome to ride a horse provided by Clip Clip.


Please note that riders must modify their expectations for progression as the Clip Clop horses are safe, lesson horses, not performance horses, and will not be pushed beyond

their ability. 


The necessity for a basic performance horse begins at this level.

Competition Riders:

Riders who participate at this level and choose to compete must own or lease their own horse. Ask your instructor for the Leasing and Purchasing Information Package.


4-week months: $360.00/session

Attire (Riding Equipment)

Riders are required to purchase their own riding gear for safety, hygienic and comfort reasons.

See “Dress Code” in the Riding Lessons Information Package sent via email upon completion of registration for complete information on cost, vendors,

and items.

The Dress Code also describes correct preparation of hair which is important because correctly prepared hair is the basis for a correctly fitting helmet.


Additionally, loose hair obscures vision and distracts the rider causing a safety concern.

"I love that no one is allowed to use their phones at Clip Clop because then I can sink into the horses. It's the best part of my day." 

                                                Fatima, 14 GT 1


 Growth Track Schedule:

Tuesdays:  7:25 - 9:15 pm

Wednesdays:  7:25 - 9:15 pm




A Solid Foundation is the KEY to a successful riding future and it's Our Promise to YOU.

Our promise to you is to teach your rider a solid foundation of horsemanship; to love, ride and care for horses in a safe and professional stables. 

Through horses your rider will learn about responsibility, empathy, personal power, resilience, fitness and specialized horsemanship skills as they experience our Learn to Ride and Growth Track programs.


Basic horse skills learned off and on the horse that are necessary for a solid foundation.


Basic personal skills learned through horsemanship that are vital to success in life.

Female horseman going on meadow with her brown Thoroughbred horse. Concept of animal care.

"Riding horses changed me from being a lost teenager without a passion to a person with a passion who is on a horse living a real life instead of being on my phone living a fake life."                 

                                                        Allyssa, 14 GT2

On-Horse Skills:

Are horsemanship skills learned through the direct contact with the horse riding and ground training.

Grooming, tacking up, and leading are examples.

Off-Horse Skills:

Are horsemanship skills learned dismounted and not in direct contact with the horse. 

Horse parts, breeds and colors are examples.

Key Leadership Program

Riders at this level are ready to join the Key Leadership Program where riders continue their loving and learning about horses while helping others and receiving a discount towards their horsemanship lessons!

Check out the Key Leadership Program Page!

Class Description and Levels
& Age

Clip Clop's riding lesson curriculum is based on The Passport to Excellence (PTE) in Horsemanship program which is a planned progression of horse handling, horse husbandry and riding skills, with an emphasis on SAFETY, EDUCATION and FUN. These skills combine to create a solid foundation for the young horse person.


Categorizing riders by age in the sport of riding can be tricky. Riding is an individual sport, the horses are individuals and the riders are individuals.


Each one of these individuals is characterized by their size, personality, exposure, training, and comfort level with risk. All of these - and many more- transcend age boundaries, making categorizing riders by age alone an insufficient means of assessment. 


Our goal is that each rider feels confident, safe, and that they have a sense of support and belonging in our program while progressing through the levels at their own individual pace.

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