Riders can choose English or Western style of riding.

The goal of this level is to consolidate the basic skills of LTR 2 and develop increased bonding with the horse to establish a higher degree of trust with the horse and in oneself.

The LTR 3 program focuses on inspiring increased commitment to equestrian activities, introduces independent decision making and more advanced horsemanship training. The goals of the lessons are to develop riding motor skills and communicating with horses. The rider learns to be proud of their accomplishments, have fun with peers, make new friends with horses and people and to share who they are with one another.


Riders will be taught the PTE Level 2 set of Horsemanship and Horse Husbandry Skills both on and off the horse.


4-week months: $310.00/session

5-week months: $375.00/session

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Learn to Ride 3

Attire: Riders are required to purchase their own riding gear for safety, hygienic and comfort reasons. See Dress Code in the Parents and Riders Guide Book sent upon completion of registration.

Long hair is to be tied back.

No hoodies.  

Horse Requirements: 

Clip Clop 

provides safe, sound and reliable, child-friendly, horses for this level, or riders may use their own horse at a reduced fee.

Duration:  60 minute riding lesson

The rider arrives 30 minutes prior to the one hour riding session, and remains until 30 past the end of the riding lesson for Off-Horse learning and bonding with the horse.

Riders may or may not groom/tack up/untack the horse they are riding due to scheduling of horses and riders.

We do our level best to provide this opportunity to all riders but due to the logistics of certain classes and riders it is not always possible.

Plan for 2 hours.

Learning Assistants:  LA's assist the main Instructor, and attend each class to assure safety, confidence and a helping hand in tacking and grooming the horses. 

Double checking girth fit is a solid safety skill! 

"The girth has to be tight, so your saddle doesn't slide down, but not so tight so I can breath."                                   Lucy, 9 LTR

A Solid Foundation is the KEY and it's Our Promise to YOU.

OUR MISSION  We are dedicated to introducing newcomers to our sport, and to building for all riders a solid foundation of horsemanship and humanship abilities. These abilities are discovered as riders experience our Learn to Ride and Growth Track programs that teach skills both on and off (the) horse.




basic horse skills learned off, and on, the horse that are necessary for a solid foundation.


basic personal skills learned through horsemanship that are vital to success in life.

Foundation Building

"Horses fix everything."

                                     Georgia, 8 LTR

On-Horse Skills:

Horsemanship skills learned through riding and handling horses and primarily learned through riding lessons.

Off-Horse Skills:

Horsemanship skills learned during off-horse times and primarily learned through the tacking up and un-tacking of horses before and after riding lessons and during the Horse Play Series program.

The staff and educators at Clip Clop work in cooperation with the LTED (Long Term Equestrian Development) systematic approach designed by Equestrian Canada. The LTED Program focuses on athlete development and is the program that fosters the athlete and maximizes the potential of participants and athletes in our sport.  The Clip Clip Program focuses on both humanship and horsemanship .



The Learn to Ride 3 Schedule is as follows:

           Saturday's:  12:30 - 1:30 pm

Class Description and Levels
& Age

Clip Clop's riding lesson curriculum is based on The Passport to Excellence (PTE) in Horsemanship program which is a planned progression of horse handling, horse husbandry and riding skills, with an emphasis on SAFETY, EDUCATION and FUN. These skills combine to create a solid foundation for the young horse person.


Categorizing riders by age in the sport of riding can be tricky. Riding is an individual sport, the horses are individuals and the riders are individuals. Each one of these individuals is characterized by their size, personality, exposure, training, and comfort level with risk. All of these - and many more- transcend age boundaries, making categorizing riders by age alone an insufficient means of assessment.  Our goal is that each rider feels confident, safe, and that they have a sense of support and belonging in our program while progressing through the levels at their own individual pace.

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