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Clip Clop Promo of the Month
June - Try a Lesson

Every horse lover starts riding somewhere - let it be Clip Clop by giving your child the chance to experience the joy of horseback riding with our special June 'Try a Lesson ' promotion!

 One Time Per Year Offer!


Confidence before Commitment

Designed for families who are curious about our program before making the commitment for the Fall Program, this offer allows horse crazy kids to take up to two trial lessons. It's the perfect way to test the stirrups and see if horseback riding is as wonderful as we know it is!


Bring a Plus 1

Plus, they can invite siblings, cousins, and friends to join in the fun! Don't miss this opportunity to introduce your horse loving child to a new and exciting passion!



You supply:

  • the horse crazy kid(s)

  • wearing a long pant (yoga pants or stretchy comfortable jeans are the best)

  • wearing a one inch heeled boot

  • with their hair slicked back into a low pony tail or two pony tails

We supply:

  • the kid-loving horse

  • the helmet

  • the saddle, bridle, and all riding equipment

  • the instructor and leaders who assist


$80.00 + GST each

Click on the Big Blue Button Below to Try a Lesson Now!

See you at the stables! 

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